Court FAQ

What do I do if I get a citation for a Ladysmith municipal ordinance violation or a traffic citation issued by the Ladysmith Police Department?

  • Pay the citation prior to the court date issued on the citation.   With payment of the citation, the court will enter a plea of No Contest and close the case.
  • Appear in court on the court date listed and enter your plea of no contest, guilty or not guilty.
  • Write a letter to the court prior to your initial appearance date to enter a plea of not guilty.

What if I don't do any of the above?

If you don't take any of the above options, on the court date listed on your citation, you will automatically be found guilty by default.  You will be sent a Notice of Judgment within one week stating that your forfeiture is due within 60 days.  The Notice of Judgment will also include a Summons for you to appear in court for a good cause/indigency hearing if the full forfeiture is not paid before the due date. 

What if I can't pay the full forfeiture by the due date on the Defendant's Notice of Judgment?

You must appear at the Good Cause/Indigency Hearing that is scheduled for you on your original Notice of Judgment.  This hearing is a confidential hearing before the Judge to set up a payment arrangement with the Defendant or to ascertain the Defendant's ability to pay.

What if I don't pay my forfeiture by the due date and I don't show up at my scheduled good cause/indigency hearing?

  • Your driver's license may be suspended for 2 years.
  • A writ of commitment may be issued for your arrest.
  • Interception of your State income tax refund.