Permits, Licenses & Forms

City ordinances require various businesses to obtain a license to operate within the City.  Most licenses are annual and run from July 1 through June 30.  For individual license fees, please click here: Code of Ordinances, Fee Schedule.  Below, please find a non-inclusive listing of licenses and links to the applications:

New Liquor License Establishments

Alcohol Beverage License Application

Appointment of Corporate Agent 

Transfer of Ownership from One Premises to AnotherTo be filed with the City Clerk at the time a new application is submitted for a change of ownership for any liquor and/or beer establishment.

Transfer of License from One Person to Another Person

Temporary Class"B"/"Class B" Retailers License



Renewal of  Liquor License Establishments

Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application

Appointment of Corporate Agent

Auxilliary Questionnaire (if changes in officers or directors have taken place)



 Bartender Licenses

Operator (Bartender) License Application 
This license application is required if you sell alcoholic beverages.  It is renewed annually and expires every year on June 30th.

Provisional Operator License Application.  This license can be issued for up to 60 days.

Informational Brochure on Beverage Server Training Course Requirement




Other Licenses and Permits

Amusement Device License. This license is required for any billiard, dart, juke box, video machine or any other amusement device. 

Building Permit Application.   See City's Fee Schedule for permit fees. 

 Campfire and Burning Permit Application.  

Chicken Keeping Permit Application

Cigarette, Tobacco and Vaping License.

Community Center Reservation Form.

Direct Seller's Permit/Transient Merchants/Peddlers/Solicitor.  This license is required for any door to door solicitations and for any partnership, assoc or corp that sells goods at any other location than their permanent business place. 

Fireworks Permit. 

Fireworks Seller's Permit. 

Junk Dealer's Permit.  Required for any person or business who keeps, stores or piles in commercial quantities of old, used or secondhand materials.

Park Pavillion Reservation Application

Pet License Information.  All dogs and cats that reside in the City of Ladysmith must be licensed yearly by April 1.  Obtain cat licenses at City Hall year round.  Dog licenses are issued at City Hall from Dec. 15-January 31.  After January 31, dog licenses are issued at the Rusk County Clerk's office.  In order to be issued a license, the owner must provide proof of current rabies vaccination.  License fees:  Spayed/Neutered: $7.50   Not-spayed/Not Neutered  $15.00

Private Alarm Permit.

Public Records Request Form.

Sidewalk Permit.  This license is required by property owners to use their sidewalks for advertising, display, vending or selling of goods.

Special Event Vending Permit. (Pg 5)  This license is required to sell on any street, sidewalk, alley or other public place within the City of Ladysmith any goods, wares, foodstuffs or anything of value or service by putting up a booth or in any manner attempting to publicly sell or offer for sale any such articles. 

Street Privilege PermitThis license is required for moving any building or structure on city streets, alley or sidewalks.

Street Use Permit and Street Use Petition.  This license is required for any blocking off or use of a City street.

Temporary Dumpster Use Form 

Work Permit Application.  Work permits are now issued online at the Department of Workforce Development. (linked)