Election FAQ

What if I am a registered voter but have moved within the City?

If you move your residence, you are required to update your voter registration information.  This is done by filling out an Application for Voter Registration (GAB 131) and mailing it to the City Clerk at P. O. Box 431, Ladysmith, WI  54848.  You must include an acceptable document for "proof of residency".

Can a voter take a ballot out of the clerk's office?

No.  An elector may NOT take the ballot out of the clerk's office.  However, an absentee voter may obtain and cast a ballot inside the clerk's office.

Rather than returning an absentee ballot by mail, can an absentee elector deliver the ballot to the polling place?


What if I have recently moved to the City of Ladysmith?

Individuals who have moved within the state, but have resided at their new address for less than 10 days must vote at the polling place that served their previous residence.  

Individuals who have recently moved to the state and resided at their address fewer than 10 days may vote for President and Vice President ONLY by completing the Application for Presidential Ballot (EB-141).