Election Workers & Officials

Election workers are truly the gatekeepers of Democracy.  They are the frontline defenders of free, fair, safe and accurate elections. 

The City Clerk's office encourages all eligible residents to vote and become involved in the election process.  One of the most rewarding ways to do that is to become an election day worker.  Below are the positions:

Elections Inspector:  Election Inspectors are responsible for administering election procedures in each polling place.  You will be checking that persons are qualified to vote; provide instructions and assistance to voters; assemble returns and close the polling place and assist with voter registration.   Training is required for each 2 year election cycle.

Chief Inspector:  Performs all duties required of Inspectors while overseeing all processes.   6 hours of training required for each 2 year election cycle.

Special Voting Deputy:  Assists voters confined to nursing homes or assisted living facilities with casting their ballots.  Works with a partner and will need to be available for several hours in the week before the election. 

What are the requirements?

  • Resident of Rusk County.
  • You must be a qualified elector.
  • Must have a commitment to fair, safe, free and accurate elections.
  • Work well in a team environment
  • Have reading skills and can print clearly.
  • Enjoy people and service to others.

The election board is established every two years.