Instruction for Entering Pleas

You have the right to enter a plea of either GUILTY, NOT GUILTY or NO CONTEST to the charge against you.

If you enter a plea of NO CONTEST, you are neither admitting to, nor denying you committed the offense, but want the matter resolved and pay the forfeiture.  The effect of this plea is that you will be found guilty, but your conviction cannot be used against you in another civil court proceeding.

If you enter a plea of GUILTY, you are admitting that you committed the offense.  You will be found guilty and a forfeiture may be imposed. 

What happens if you plead “Not Guilty”?

A pretrial is a meeting over the phone where you and the City Attorney try to settle the case.

  • If you reach an agreement, the City Attorney will send the agreement to the judge. The judge does not have to accept the agreement, but usually does.
  • If you do not reach an agreement, the case will go to trial.

This is not a criminal charge so you are not entitled to a lawyer. The City Attorney does not represent you or the court. The court remains neutral.

Your Responsibilities
You must call the City Attorney by the date given to you by the court upon pleading not guilty. If you do not follow through, the court will enter a guilty default judgement against you. Please see below for contact information.

Contact Information:
Patrick Rowe, City Attorney
Row Law Office, LLC

Please note you may enter a plea of NOT GUILTY before your court date either by completing the Not Guilty Plea Form and then mail it, fax it or drop it off in person at the Municipal Court offices located at 120 Miner Avenue W, P. O. Box 431, Ladysmith, WI  54848.