TIF District #10

TID 10


Type:                                              Industrial

Created:                                         2007

Expenditure Period End:                2022

Termination Date:                           2027



TID 10 was created as an industrial district.  The purpose of TID 10 was to promote new development and redevelopment in the Ladysmith Industrial Park.  An early project was the rebuilding of Meadowbrook Rd. including the installation of needed utilities to allow for construction of the Indeck Pellet Plant.


A previous plan amendment in 2012 was made to allow project expenditures to occur within the ½ mile boundary of the District as allowed under 66.1105(2)(f)1.n.


The most recent amendment in 2013 supplemented the original project plan to add projects proposed to be constructed outside of the District, but that serve the District as allowed under 66.1105(2)(f)1.k.

The most recent project plan amendment for TID 10 can be found below.