TIF District #12

TID 12


Type:                                              Blight

Created:                                         2020

Expenditure Period End:                2042

Termination Date:                           2047



The City of Ladysmith, Wisconsin (the “City”) created Tax Incremental District (TID) #12 in 2020 as a mechanism to facilitate the elimination of blighted property within the boundaries of TID #12. TID #12 was established as a blight elimination District. The City intends to construct a series of public capital improvement projects that will eliminate blight, promote redevelopment, increase tax base and create employment opportunities, to serve as a catalyst for the redevelopment of the former Ladysmith Elementary School.


TID #12 will have an expenditure period of 22 years (2020-2042) and a maximum life of 27 years (2020-2047). TID #12 may be extended three addition years (until 2050), however, expenditures remain limited to the first 22 years of designation (Wis. Stat § 66.1105(7)(am)1, 2, and 3).


The most recent project plan/amendment for TID 12 can be found below.