TIF District #8



Type:                                              Blight 

Created:                                         2003

Expenditure Period End:                2025

Termination Date:                           2030



TID 8 was designed to eliminate blighting influences and to promote growth in the tax base and job base which will benefit not only the City of Ladysmith, but overlying taxing jurisdictions.  The jurisdictions will benefit from general prosperity which will, in time, result from orderly expansion promoted through implementation of this project plan.

The most recent amendment to the project plan was in April, 2013 to become a recipient district from District 11 and to add projects within a ½ mile radius and to add projects to be constructed outside the district, but that serve the district as allowed under 66.1105(2)(f)1.k.

The most recent project plan amendment for TID 8 can be found below.