Occupational Driver's License


Introduction.  Occupational licenses are issued at DOT offices, and more complete, detailed information is available there.  If you expect that you will be applying for an occupational license, you should obtain instructions and a blank application form from the DOT or you can download the Occupational Driver’s License and Instructions by clicking the link.  In the meantime, you might find the following information to be helpful.



Internet Help.  If you need more detail than is given here, go to the following website:


Where To Go.   The DOT office in Ladysmith is located at N5273 Hwy. 27, Suite 1, and is open on Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  A DOT office in Rice Lake and Eau Claire is open Monday through Friday.


Eligibility.  Generally speaking, you will be eligible to obtain an occupational license if you presently have a valid Wisconsin driver's license and if your driving privileges were not suspended during the previous 12 month period for a driving-related offense and you need to drive because you are working, going to school or are a homemaker.


What You Will Need.  The DOT will require the following:


1.    You must have automobile insurance, and obtain a "Form SR-22" from your insurance agent


2.    You will need to complete the Application for Occupational License (MV 3027). You can also obtain the application from the court clerk.


3.    In most cases, you will need a “Conviction Status Report” from the court, showing the effective date that your suspension begins.


4.    A $60.00 license fee is required by the statutes.  It is not refundable for any reason.  If you need to change (amend) any hours or areas of travel after the license is issued, each amended license will cost another $60.00.


Tips & Hints.  Completing the Application with some foresight and advance planning will help you avoid having to amend your license from time to time.  The following should help you in that regard.


1.    List the counties or states in which you will be driving.  List any and all counties that will be traveled through for work, homemaker duties, etcetera.



2.    Actual Daily Driving Time.  For most people, this is the most significant section.  It is also the section that is most often completed incorrectly.  It is strongly recommended that before you complete this section, you work out the driving hours on a photocopy or at least a separate piece of paper.  Note that you are to indicate A for a.m., P for p.m., 12M for midnight and 12N for noon.


    a.  Although you are restricted to operating not more than 12 hours each day, you can specify several sets of hours during the day.  Thus, you might want to provide for the possibility of working overtime or changing shifts.


    b.  In allowing enough time to get from your home to your job location, and vice-versa, take into account that you may encounter bad weather, a flat tire or other conditions requiring more time than usual on the road.


    c.  If your job shift ends near midnight, be careful to show that your driving hours extend into the next day.  For example, if you get out of work at 11:45 p.m. and it takes you a half hour to get home (allowing a little leeway to stop for gas, groceries, a flat tire, or whatever), in addition to the hours necessary to get to work you would list the following:  Monday, 11:45 P to 12:00 M, and Tuesday, 12:00 M to 12:15 A, etcetera.


    d.  The Assessment Counseling session is a one-time occurrence, lasting between 60 to 90 minutes.  Rather than try to build that time into your occupational license, you might consider having someone drive you to and from the session, particularly if you need to maximize your employment-related driving.


    e.  The "Group Dynamics" classes are held at WITC in Rice Lake. Please confirm that the class schedule has not changed, call 715-206-8001.)  Again, you might consider having someone drive you to and from the classes if you need to maximize your job-related driving hours.


3.    Emergency Service Providers & Commercial Driver License Holders.  If you hold a commercial driver license or you are an emergency service provider, you should go to a DOT office as soon as practicable for additional information.


Courtesy Request:  If you determine that any of this information is outdated or incorrect, please send a note to Terry T Carter, Municipal Judge, 120 West Miner Avenue, Ladysmith, WI  54848.  This will help assure that others will receive the best available information.