Records Requests

Q. What is the policy regarding public access to court records?

A. All records of the Municipal Court, except those specifically exempted by law, such as cases involving juveniles, are open records that are available to the public.


Q. How do I make a request for court records?

A. Requests may be made orally or in writing to the Ladysmith Municipal Court staff.


Q. How soon will I be able to review the information I want?

A. The Municipal Court will make every effort to fill requests for records within   twenty-four (24) hours of the request. If the request cannot be filled within this time, the Municipal Court will provide a date and time when the records will be available. Original records may be reviewed only under Municipal Court staff supervision. Any photocopies of records will be made for a copying fee of $0.25 per page.


Q. How can I receive information regarding a court record(s) handled by the Municipal Court?

A. To receive information regarding a court record(s), you may do any of the following:

 1. Call the Municipal Court at 715-532-2613.

 2. Fax your request at 715-532-2620.

 3. Request the record(s) by mail by sending the request to:

     Ladysmith Municipal Court

     120 West Miner Ave.

     P.O. Box 431

     Ladysmith, WI  54848

 5. Request the record(s) in person during normal business hours at the Ladysmith    Municipal Court (Same address as mailing address.)


Q. How can I get information on a court record(s) involving a juvenile?

A. If you are the defendant or if you are the defendant’s parent, guardian or legal
counsel, you must appear personally at the Municipal Court with proper identification.