Tax Roll Information

Tax Bill Payments Info

Full or 1st Installment Payments
Payments of the full installment of property taxes or the 1st installment are paid at the Ladysmith City Hall by January 31st. 

Second Installment Payments
2nd installment payments of property taxes are paid at the Rusk County Treasurer's Office at the Rusk County Courthouse by July 31st.

Check/Money Order made Payable to:
City of Ladysmith




Receipts are provided for payments made in person at the Ladysmith City Hall.  If you would like a receipt for your payment made through the mail, you must include a self addressed, stamped envelope.



Drop Box

Refuse/Municipal Court/Tax Payment/Utility Payment Drop Box is located at the front entrance to City Hall, 120 Miner Avenue W, Ladysmith




Mail check to:

City Treasurer
City of Ladysmith
P. O. Box 431
Ladysmith, WI  54848



Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

120 Miner Avenue W, Ladysmith, WI




To make a tax payment online, please click here.

Required information:
Type of Tax:  Local
Tax Payment Amount
Tax Bill Parcel ID#:  246-xxxxx-xxx
Credit Card Information